Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the Pony Express Trail - June 29 2011


June 29, 2011 – Simpson Springs Utah – Today marks the second day in a row with hot, drying, south winds.  The air is very dusty and Cindy and I are dirty.  The temperatures have been well into the 90s.  We have both horses on the leeward side of the trailer to protect them from the dry winds.  Cindy and I are sitting in the chairs on the leeward side of the trailer and we are drinking large quantities of water.  Early today, I rode the first 20 or so miles on Frank and there was no water, and no water was expected.  Frank drank about four gallons when we met a crew truck at a trail junction.

The Pony Express Trail in Utah has been a hard graded road and our rides have taken us off the Pony Trail and onto two-track trails.  It is close to 4:30 and the riders who went the full 55 miles are just getting into camp.  Today was not an easy day.

It has been a long trail since the Hollenberg Station in Kansas or the Rock Creek station in Nebraska.  The country has changed dramatically.  There are no cultivated fields in the West Desert of Utah.  Even in this country, we did see a band of six mustangs on the trail today and I wonder where the wild horses find water.

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Tom N

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