Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the Pony Express Trail Near Schellbourne Nevada - July 6, 7, 2011


July 6, 7, 2011 – Schellbourne Nevada – We are taking two rest days before making a large push across central Nevada.  We will ride the next five days across some very inhospitable country.  The water is scarce and the temperature can be hot.   The weather forecast is for high temperatures in the mid 80s which will be far better for the horses than the upper 90s that we experienced earlier this week.  Today there were light showers in camp and we may get more showers tonight.

There can be a lot of truck activity in camp and there are a lot of dogs in camp.  Unfortunately, yesterday one of Rick and Cindy Simcox's dogs was run over by a truck and died.  Rick and Cindy had a tough night but they plan to finish the trip.  Rick and his family have done more than their share to make the trip a success.  Besides supporting Cindy on the trail, Rick is a Master Ford Mechanic and has helped answer mechanical questions and to make repairs when necessary.  In addition, Rick and his father bought a 400 gallon water tank, placed the tank in one of their pickups, and have been meeting the riders on the trail.  Watering the horses will be very important during these last days in Nevada.  Everyone on the trip has joined the "water co-op" back in Nebraska with a $130 payment, and we are all better off because of Rick's work.  Losing their dog was very regrettable.

Our camp is about forty miles from Ely, Nevada and Ely will be the settlement of any size until the end of the trip.  Unlike Kansas and Nebraska, it is a very long way between towns in Nevada.  Perhaps some of the towns were smaller in Nebraska and Kansas, but we passed through the towns more frequently.  Now, with all of the back-road travel, everyone is concerned about making it to the next fuel stop.  Cindy and I unhooked the trailer and used today to buy groceries and do laundry.  We plan to take it easy around camp tomorrow.   On Friday, Cindy will top off the gas tank and purchase a few feed and hardware items in Ely while I ride one of the most difficult days of the trip.

One thing that we have found that makes the trips to the towns more relaxed is to take the time away from errands to visit some local establishments.  Today we stopped at an espresso shop and at Andy's Western Shop.  We did not purchase any more western clothing, but it was nice to take the time to look.  Tomorrow, we will go back to Ely and purchase another four bales of hay and another bag of low-starch feed.  We may stop at La Fiesta for lunch as well.  Right now, it is raining hard  with lightning and thunder and the monsoon moisture and temperatures are very welcome.

Best Regards,
Tom N

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